New Kangoo Z.E.

At Renault we are working to create more affordable cars, with radically lower CO2 emissions. For the widest possible audience. Today that’s our collection of ‘eco2’ models. eco2 indicates that the vehicle produces CO2 emissions lower than 120 g/km, it includes at least 7% recycled plastic in its plastic mass, and has been designed in such a way that 95% of the materials used could have a second life (recyclable for other use or as a source of energy). In addition, eco2 means that our factories are ISO 14001 certified.

Kangoo Van Z.E. is the first in Renault’s range of electric vehicles. They are affordable to run – you will be able to drive up to 100 miles using a battery that costs typically £3 to charge, and a lot less using cheaper tariffs.

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